Untitled Lithograph 1981 by R.C. Gorman

R.C. Gorman

"Untitled Lithograph 1981"

Limitierter Druck : Lithograph on Paper

Size: 30 x 32 in  | 76 x 81 cm
$2,000 USD
Calmly Insane in My Nest 2002 by Tom Everhart

Tom Everhart

"Calmly Insane in My Nest 2002"

Limitierter Druck : Lithograph on paper

Size: 52 x 27 in  | 132 x 69 cm
Very special price
Dancing in the Rain 2001 by Tom Everhart

Tom Everhart

"Dancing in the Rain 2001"

Limitierter Druck : Lithograph

Size: 23 x 30 in  | 57 x 76 cm
Very special price
Bora Bora Boogie Bored 2003 by Tom Everhart

Tom Everhart

"Bora Bora Boogie Bored 2003"

Limitierter Druck : Lithograph on paper

Size: 31 x 23 in  | 79 x 58 cm
Very Special Price
Cool and Intelligent 2000 by Tom Everhart

Tom Everhart

"Cool and Intelligent 2000"

Limitierter Druck : Lithograph

Size: 22 x 30 in  | 56 x 75 cm
Very special price
Drama Queen 2006 by Tom Everhart

Tom Everhart

"Drama Queen 2006"

Limitierter Druck : Lithograph

Size: 31 x 22 in  | 79 x 55 cm
Very special price
Moby Dick Book  1975 by LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy Neiman

"Moby Dick Book 1975"

Sonstiges : Book of Illustrations

Size: 14 x 12 in  | 36 x 29 cm
$2,000 USD
Female Fragment Triptych Bronze Sculpture 2001 12x25 by Paige Bradley

Paige Bradley

"Female Fragment Triptych Bronze Sculpture 2001 12x25"

Skulptur : Bronze Framed Wall Sculpture

Size: 12 x 25 x 4 in  | 30 x 64 x 10 cm
$2,400 USD
Ace Face by Tom Everhart

Tom Everhart

"Ace Face"

Limitierter Druck : Lithograph on paper

Size: 30 x 24 in  | 76 x 60 cm
Very special price
Beauty Sleep 2014 by Tom Everhart

Tom Everhart

"Beauty Sleep 2014"

Limitierter Druck : Hand Pulled Lithograph

Size: 21 x 54 in  | 52 x 137 cm
Very special price
Best in Show by Tom Everhart

Tom Everhart

"Best in Show"

Limitierter Druck : Hand Pulled Lithograph

Size: 26 x 36 in  | 66 x 91 cm
Very special price



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Dear Maresa: I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your help in purchasing the Romare Bearden "Quilting Time" lithograph. I have purchased A LOT of art this year and my experience with you was by far the most pleasant and informative one I have had. I really value your deep knowledge of a large variety of artists and your consummate professionalism. I am looking forward to doing business with you again soon. I will certainly recommend you to all of my friends and colleagues who share a passion for art. Sincerely, A very satisfied customer

-buyer SG in CA

I want to thank Dawn Laurant again for all the hard work and dedication she offered to me through out the whole process of purchasing my Peter Max. I apologize if I was arduous at times but buying art work sight unseen at this price was scary, as it was my first time as a buyer. But after all is said and done I love my painting and Dawn's efforts, professionalism, and patience were extremely appreciated.

-buyer CF in United States/New Jersey

Thank you so much, and what a great experience it has been working with Heken Tu. The purchase was fast, simple and the art is hanging on the wall, all within a week! Wow! Thanks. GR

-buyer GR in United States / AZ

Working with Helen T. and Art Brokerage to sell my artwork has been an absolute pleasure. In fact, there was little work at all involved; the entire process was near effortless and Helen T. delivered on all points promised. I'm looking forward to listing -- and selling -- more artwork very soon.

-seller G.N. in United States / FL

Working with ArtBrokerage and Helen Tu. was an interesting and pleasant experience. Communication was surprisingly quick and efficient. I wish I had more work for you! Thank you.

-seller RB in United States / TX

I recently purchased a piece through Helen Tu. The negotiations went quickly and smoothly. I appreciate Helen's advice and hopefully will work with her again.

-buyer BK in United States / NV

My experience has been nothing short of professional, a seamless transfer of ownership completed in one day. Dawn Laurant is pure pleasure to work with. I look forward to many more opportunities in the years to come. Dawn Laurant s a person I will never forget.

-buyer JW in United States / AZ

I worked with Jennifer Walker at Art Brokerage to acquire a painting. Her service was incomparable. She acted like my own private art dealer with clear, concise and responsive emails at all hours of the day and night, whether on weekdays or weekends. I often wondered if she ever slept. Initially, I did not believe that the seller and I would be able to come to terms; but, Jennifer's persistence consummated the sale, and she remained on top of every step of the transaction until the painting was delivered. I cannot imagine using anyone else as my art broker for future artwork purchases. DC Beverly Hills, California I

-buyer DC in From Oregon to Maui